Since 2013 Wild Mountain Mystics have been a sought-after presence on the Cailfornia roots music scene. Their audience includes skilled instrumentalists, hipsters, and enthusiastic music lovers, both young and old, across the generational divide. Their audiences are collectively charmed by the joyful spirit and the remarkable diversity of their music.    

Author & music journalist, Paul Zollo says it best: “Say the name Wild Mountain Mystics anywhere that musicians and music lovers congregate, and warm, knowing smiles invariably abound. It’s because it conjures up the infectious spirit of real-time joy which lives in their music and transforms their shows into celebrations.” 

According to veteran singer-songwriter Steve Noonan, (The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band classic “Buy for Me the Rain”): “In my 58 years of performing - and my many years of inviting friends to join me on stage - these two were my finest discovery.  No one else even came close."

Wild Mountain Mystics have opened for artists as diverse as A.J. Croce, David Lindley, Joel Rafael, and Frankie Avalon.

Their life experience and talent have been faithfully captured on their debut release, Fire & Honey. The album was produced by Ed Tree and Wild Mountain Mystics, and is being released in 2024 by L.A.’s new Americana-roots champions, Blackbird Record Label.  The album is a warm blend of folk, rock, country, and blues, filled with fine songcraft, instrumental distinction, and front-porch intimacy that engages as it inspires in a way that echoes the best of Appalachian folk informed by Woodstock Nation-inspired classic rock. 

The duo’s love of music is a passionate, luminous spirit that is alive in every song and shines with joy enough to bring a smile to your face and a dance step to your feet.