1. Perfect Crime

Rick - Vocals, Guitar, Kick
Lisa - Vocals, Mandolin
Ed Tree - Bass


Love is such a perfect crime
Gets away most every time
Leaves you with a troubled mind
Always takes you down
And there's no gettin' free until
She lets you go against your will
You'll never touch a truth as real
Or fall on harder ground

Love is such a perfect crime
And you can't make me change my mind

Find yourself in love too deep
That's when the shadows start to creep
Love is rockin' you to sleep
Before she slips aways
Leavin' you with dreams so true
One last kiss and then you're through
The sky could never be so blue
As you will be today

Love is just a worried mind
But she can get you every time

Love is such a perfect crime
Steals your heart and takes your time

There she is, invite her in
Take her by the hand, and then
Find yourself alone again
She's always been that way
You can't tie her up or down
Won't be planted in the ground
You can't make her stick around
If she don't wanna stay

Love is such a perfect crime
But she won't get away next time

©2023 LiRick Music