I saw you standing on the hill
I guess you'll be there until you see the light from the sky
Fallin' down on you, fallin' down on me
And I wonder what we will see

They always say the end is near
But in the end we're always here and the world hasn't changed
Sleeps another night
Works another day
And love still calls out the way

Beyond the need to find a reason in the end
Rests a love that ever will
It's always been there, lying hidden deep within
And it's hiding there still

However far we have to go
Love is waiting to show us the way to the light
Fallin' down on me, fallin' down on you
And I wonder what we sill do

And love could lead us far beyond the need to know
Nothin' left to understand
And we may stumble on the way, but even so
Love is always at hand

There's somethin' happenin' in the dark
I hear the voices, see the spark of a fire in the sky
Burnin' down the walls, bringin' in the light
And love takes over the night
And love takes over the night
Yes, love takes over the night

©2013 LiRick Music/ASCAP