Diamonds on a blanket made of velveteen
Dark as it can be until it can't be seen
Stars are shinin' down upon a guillotine

Lyin' in a meadow where the truth is grown
Laid my sleepy head down on a rolling stone
Woke up reminiscing with the great unknown

Sittin' in a treehouse where the mountains rise
Sailin' on an ocean in my lover's eyes
Swingin' with the breeze and singin' lullabies

Dreamed that I was lyin' on my lover's breast
She's the one I'm always gonna love the best
Thought that I was sleepin' but I got no rest

Got a little money, got a lot of time
Got a good collection but you know that I'm
Always on the lookout for an unborn rhyme

Found a little somethin' in the ground today
Nothing I can use but that'll be okay
Just a little somethin' I can give a way

©2023 LiRick Music